Modular Clean Room Walls (Sandwich Panels / Partition)

Our suppliers offer the widest variety of cleanroom wall panels in the industry in order to accommodate a variety of modular cleanroom applications. We will be happy to provide a customized quote based on your specific requirements and application.

Highlights of Sandwich Panels/Partitions

  • Top and Bottom Profiles are of Aluminum to avoid Rusting and have Long-term Durability, which is Exclusively a Unique Material used by us.
  • All our Sandwich Panels / Partitions are available in Solid and with Factory Fitted Vision Panel which are supplied for ready Installation at site.
  • Perfect Detachable System due to Intermediate Locking System for Re-locatable without Damages or Loss of the Modules or Components.
  • Intermediate Locking System with Aluminum Post Cap Fitting matching the Modular Design Flush for Clean Room Application.
  • Easy for any Operation as each Panel has a Unique Intermediate Locking System which Facilitate to Remove Single Panel or Add on to the Panel is very Easily Possible.
  • All Post Caps are Press Fitted and Detachable for Easy access of Cabling and other Utilities.
  • Better Flexibility, Durability, Aesthetic and Elegant appearance with the use of Aluminum Profile.
  • All Panels are insulated with Polyurethane / Rock Wool Insulation and as per Customers Requirement.


  • Quick, Modular and Lightweight Construction
  • Factory Pre-fab panels with pre cut for utilities
  • Demountable / Relocatable (Facility can be Dismantled and Shifted easily without Damage or Loss of Modules or Components )
  • Sheet Metal and Aluminum Profiles with Flush & Coved Panels with powder coating options does not allow Microorganisms Growth
  • Quick & Easy Installation with aluminum tracks
  • Aluminum Profiles used in the Construction of Panels
  • Wall to Wall and Wall to Ceiling Corners are Curved with Aluminum Press Fitted Coved Profile
  • Easy to Clean & Maintain
  • Operation Flexibility and Durability
  • Color Choice as per Our Standard Shade Card